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In Search of Love - 01.10.14



Tom De Alva - In Search of Love
Release Date: 01.10.14
Read the following text please!

Hello world! Here it is like I promised, my 1st mixtape - In Search of Love. A FREE mixtape I did for fun with some of my friends :) Hope you guys like it! All songs were written & recorded in 2013, with the exception of “Doing My Job”, “Hip Hop Saved My Life”, & “Missed Calls” which were written/recorded in 2012 & the chorus to “Proud of You Baby” which was recorded in 2014.

If you do decide to listen to it, LISTEN TO IT IN ORDER PLEASE! At least for the first time, so you can get the full experience. 

This mixtape was inspired by these poems (which you should also check out!):
"Plankton" by Joshua Bennett

"Dear Ex-Lover" by Jasmine Mans

"Love Like" by Shihan

The characters and stories told in the songs (with the exception of Doing My Job, Hip Hop Saved My Life & the interview skits of Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole) are fictional and any resemblances to a real person, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

All production rights go to the respective producers of each track. See back cover for tracklist & production credits.

This mixtape is a non-profit project & made entirely for fun and to share with my friends. Don’t expect anything too fancy or anything like that, I don’t have a studio.. or let alone even own a mic! Haha.

Special thanks to those that contributed to the mixtape: Chris Oka, Ryan Franco, Arianne Barreras, Erwynn Rueda, & Ryan Zamora! You guys did amazing!

The link comes with the songs, the front cover, the back cover, the alternate cover, the covers for the singles (Sunsets & Missed Calls), & a folder filled with lyrics. Message me if there are any problems with the download link! :)

Thank you for your time! Enjoy!

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"Sunsets" - Tom De Alva & Arianne Barreras
Release Date: 10.04.2013
Off the upcoming mixtape, which is yet to be titled!
(Prod. by SoulChef)
(Mixed & Mastered by Chris Oka)
Hope you guys like it :)

PS check out Arianne Barreras’ youtube page!

Download the song here for FREE!


[Intro: Arianne Barreras]

When the sun goes down…

[Chorus: Arianne Barreras]

Baby, when the sun goes down,

My baby, will you be holding me tight?

Baby when the sun goes down,

I promise, I will be here in your arms.


[Verse 1: Tom De Alva]

Straight chillin’ with you,

Candlelight dinner, with a menu for two,

But that’s for later on, when the skies become dark,

Chillin’ watchin’ sunsets, right here at the park

No worries about the world, just me and you girl,

we be maxin’ relaxin’ with all these that question we’re askin’,

to help us get to know each other, and it’s feeling like magic,

and if you ever throw this away, I’ll be right here to catch it,

I don’t mean to sound cliche, but I love hearing your stories,

And how you don’t like to share it, but still you tell it for me,

and as you sit here by my side, I think we’re two of a kind,

you ask me what I want in life, it’s you on my mind

And I can’t really find  courage to just tell you how I feel,

but if there’s any perfect time to tell you, then I think it would be here

We’re sitting here at the park talkin all ‘bout of this fun stuff,

Memories and therapy right here watching sunsets

I love it.

[Chorus: Arianne Barreras]

Baby, when the sun goes down,

My baby, will you be holding me tight?

Baby when the sun goes down,

I promise, I will be here in your arms.

[Verse 2: Tom De Alva]

Straight chillin’ with you

sitting at the swings, nice view for us two,

as the sun goes down, we start thinkin’ bout the past,

and the present, and the future, if only we could make it last,

talking about our life as we stare up at the sky,

I ask you where we’re headed as I look you in the eyes,

she says that “we don’t know, but maybe it shouldn’t even matter,”

'cause no matter where we end up, I'm just glad I even had ya,

I told her I agree, I’m just glad we have some memories,

The good outweighs the bad, and this talk is like a remedy,

For all the negativity, that’s flowin’ through my mind,

I just wanna say thank you cause you’ve opened up the blinds,

to look forward to the future, and definitely in due time, 

no matter where, we end up we’ll end up being alright,

"As we walk around the city, our lives will cross paths,

Watching sunsets as we sit, reminiscin’ bout past.”

I loved it.

[Verse 3: Arianne Barreras]

Gotta get something off my chest *exhales* here I go

Baby boy let me tell you something now before the moonlight shows

I don’t know if you know this but did you know that you’re my first love?

You know my stories about them other guys. Boy, you rise above.

Call you up at 3 in the morning

Talking about stuff or the sounds of my crying

Opened me up like your favorite book

Read every line no matter how long it took

You take me higher than these swings can take us

To find a guy like you, call me Blessed

I don’t know where we’re headed, you and me

But for now your arms is where I wanna be

[Chorus: Arianne Barreras]

Baby, when the sun goes down,

My baby, will you be holding me tight?

Baby when the sun goes down,

I promise, I will be here in your arms.

[Outro: Arianne Barreras]

When the sun goes down, you’ll be holding me tight

And I’ll be here in your arms,

Here in your arms,

When the sun goes down…

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Mumble - “AnotherRandomLoveSong”

Download the song here for free!

I wrote this song today around 2:45ish in the morning today (6/10/13) & recorded it around 3:30am. I’m sick.. so sorry if my voice sounds weird and I’m mumbling a lot (no pun intended, haha). Couldn’t sleep & felt inspired so I decided to make this quick song. It’s about a guy who always denies being love with a girl because he believes that once he admits it to himself, that’s when he starts to really develop feelings. However, by the end of the song, he realizes that his feelings are just too strong to deny. It was a pretty fun and easy song to write, everything was all natural. Nothing too deep and thought out, just me having a little fun. So here it is.. raw & unmastered. Hope you guys like it!

Oh & my first mixtape "Love At First Listen" is coming soon! Like, really soon! :) Sorry for the wait, second year of college got a bit tough.. haha.


Now let me tell you bout this girl I met when I was eighteen

She was the girl I met in college that made me, day dream

I met her on a sunny day, she left - I said “stay please”,

She got smilin’ even with no cameras, say cheese

She hummed my favorite song and strummed the strings to guitar, 


she shot the arrow, hit me hard, right into  my heart

she plays the keys on the piano, and placed the key to my heart.


She lit me up like scented candles, man I guess she’s the spark

Like she was matches,  I’m a lighter,

and yes we matched, cause we made fire,

Everything that we done did, yeah she was down

She brought me higher,

Cause she knocks me off my feet,

man I swear I feel like flyin’,

Ain’t no tryin to, to deny it,

I fell for her, there ain’t no lyin’


Now ain’t  that sound ironic?

I fell for her, she had me flying..

I fell for her, I feel like flying..

She writes poetry up on tumblr, wrote the way to my heart

And these feelings I keep denying, should’ve known from the start.

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Mumble, Ryan Franco, Chris Oka, & The Ryza - Missed Calls.mp3

Welcome back everyone. Special shoutout to the PAAmily! This track features one member from each class: Tom “Mumble” De Alva (class of 2015), Ryan Franco (class of 2014), Chris Oka (class of 2013), & Ryan “The Ryza” Zamora (class of 2012). Enjoy :]

Download the song for free here!

Song Information:
Release Date: 08.13.2012
Samples: “Call Me” by Aretha Franklin, “Selfish” by Slum Village featuring John Legend  & Kanye West, Chris Oka’s voicemail, Tom “Mumble” De Alva’s voicemail
Mixed & Mastered By: Chris Oka
Cover Art By: T. De Alva
Composers: C. Oka/T. De Alva/R. Franco/R. Zamora 


(Aretha Franklin sample plays)
(voicemail operator plays)
Chorus - Ryan Franco

I’m calling

Out to

My one

And only, Baby

And I can’t

Let you

Be with no one

But me, Baby

First Verse - Mumble


Hey how’s it going, I was hoping you would pick up the phone,

Haven’t heard your voice in awhile and I’m feeling alone

You know I look through our pictures and it always makes smile,

And the last time I saw you, I know it’s been awhile

You were standing near the door as I stepped into the car,

Seems like I’ma be lonely spending nights up in the bar,

That’s the last time I saw you, and things done changed,

But if there’s one thing I know, I feel the same

I gotta end the call soon, flight’s bout to depart

Just always know that you’ll be with me in my heart

And I loved you from the start so til the end I love you still,

I’m confessin’ to you my love, can you tell me how you feel?

Reminiscin’ bout the past, I can’t seem to let you go,

Although it ain’t what it seems, I just wanna let you know,

That you may be miles away but you’re always on my mind

and I hope you’ll find the time to send me a reply

I’m callin…

(repeat chorus by Ryan Franco)
Second Verse - Chris Oka 

Hey Babe, my flight just landed

I just need to sit down ‘cause I can’t stand it

When I fell for you, girl, it hurt a bit

But afterwards I realized it was worth the trip

Though sometimes I know I get impatient

Loving you to death at my Final Destination

And through all that I should be truthfully honest

Whenever I call you I should put a ring on it

I listen to too much Beyoncé

Got me considering being your fiancé

With a wireless connection playing telephone

Whisper in your ear with that a cappella tone

Too bad I can’t see your reaction

On the other line, I was never good at fractions

But I can still picture that, you can call me, crazy

Like Carly Rae Jepson, will you call me maybe? 

(repeat chorus by Ryan Franco)
Third Verse - The Ryza

Been awhile since we talked ain’t no doubt you been on my mind

Caught your message on my line while I was away on my grind

I promise I still miss you cuz I still think of you as mine

Wish I could redfine time and rewind to remind

You. Of the times we spent, and how much we done together

Not when we rocked the boat but when we sent 4 page letters

See I never pictured how it would be in love forever

And so I changed not only for you, but for our better

Cuz truth is, I can’t see you holding no one else’s hand

I plan to be your man while you be the queen of my land

So understand I’ll do whatever it is I can at your demand

You got the best of me, the rest of me and my future plans

See you caught my heart since that evening

Kissed my cheek, moved in, called you my boo thing

Happy forever baby you can wear that mood ring

Now help me find my way to you!

(repeat chorus 2x by Ryan Franco)
(voicemail operator plays) 

Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

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Everyone’s working so hard, especially with finals coming up. But hey, we’re just doing our job! And with that being said, hope you guys enjoy this new track from Chris Oka & I! :)

Download the song here for free!

First Verse - Mumble

It’s been a long day, just finished up with school

Been there for 12 hours, doin’ what I gotta do

Life is hard but trust, it gon’ be better,

Sunny days ain’t set so we hope for good weather

With my hand on a pencil, not a finger on a trigger

We in school to learn and for our dreams to get bigger

Good grades to get in college, payin money for that knowledge,

Livin’ off garbage, food for thought keep us from starvin

If tuition 12k, man attention pays off then,

Focusin’ the hardest, overshadowin’ the  hardships

I get off my ass and go do somethin about it,

If i stay up studyin… 

(I’m just doin’ my job)

Second Verse - Chris Oka

For the past few years, income has determined my outcomes

Where I’m stuck in the middle like I’m tryna be Malcolm

And it sucks, ‘cause I’m just tryna earn a degree

So I can leave and smell the fresh air without praying Febreze

Not many know I almost dropped out of college

Still thirsting for the knowledge, unlike most alcoholics

I was faded in my head, all ‘cause of Harold’s tapers

Got me dreaming ‘bout the paper, so much I’ll need a stapler

These are the dreams only money can buy

With this little light of mine, sipping Sunny Delight

Hoping that I’m bright enough to pass all of my classes

So when everybody sees me they’ll need sunglasses

Working two jobs and taking sixteen units

Can’t be beneficial friends with Mila Kunis

Because I’m not gonna give up on what I begun

Until the income forms the outcomes of what I become.

Good luck on finals everyone! Finish strong!

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In honor of my half birthday (March 29), I’m dropping my first ever track! Shoutout to the homie Chris Oka for the collab!

Download the song (legally & for free! lol) here.

Side Note: If you’ve heard the original song, you’d get the “Stack That Cheese” reference. LOL, just wanted to have fun with it.

First Verse - Chris Oka

Felt like I was drowning so I could not breathe

'cause people said a rapper's what I could not be

Maybe I just want to be like Liberace

But avoid the curse of Illuminati, if I copy

The same tracks that every artist ever rapped on

There was a period of my life with no tampons

I was rapping on these songs all for the hell of it

Now relating to my listeners with what’s relevant

I don’t know, if what I’m doing will ever be beneficial

For the rest of my life

Should put a ring on it, make that thing official

And just make you my wife

YouTube used to be my only life support

For all the instrumentals I record

So thanks for saving my life

For point out to me that life is short. I report…

Second Verse - Mumble

I told ya, I write what I see

My life ain’t that great but that’s who I be

It’s crazy but yet amazin

we goin through different phases, and seeing so many places,

hopin labels sign me.. YUP!

speedin through life, hopin’ he need brakes

watchin his knees shake, tryin hard for pete’s sake

thinking about all the dances and chances that he’ll take,

and movin along the journey with moments he creates

cause the city that he came from,

soil that had raised him

givin him a space ship

to fly out and take this

chance hopin people will praise him

doin what he does, wonder where his life take him

livin in struggle

silence in a muzzle

my words are like a puzzle,

spellin out the name Mumble

cause I came from the darkness

looking for a limelight

fighting all these hardships

just tryna get my mind right


Wish you all a wonderful spring break (if you have it this week, lol)